The Minnesota Legislature has not had a salary increase since the late 90's. A $14,000 raised was recently approved and some republican lawmakers are trying to figure out if and how they can reject the pay increase.

Some people feel that the legislature should be paid more to ensure that we're attracting quality candidates.It's a pretty compelling argument. While I'm not really decided on the issue, I can see things from both sides.


Someone who is more than qualified for the position might be turned off to the job based on the fact that lawmakers currently only receive $31,000 for their work. If we pay more money, we might attract better lawmakers. But, at the same time what is a fair wage? I mean, it's definitely a job that I don't think I'd ever want to do.

At the same time, I hate paying more money to the government. Last year we had a $1.8 billion budget surplus. Essentially, they way over taxed us and I highly doubt that the taxpayers are going to get any of that money back. I understand why taxes are important to pay for things we use and enjoy every single day. But, I don't like paying more than I absolutely need to.

Do you support the Minnesota Legislature's pay increase?

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