There's an old show business adage that says, "Never work with kids or animals." Shania Twain admits she once got a course refresher after her horse relieved itself on stage during one of her shows.

Twain recounted the story during a recent visit to the Kelly Clarkson Show, calling it her "biggest mishap."

"Well, actually the biggest mishap I've had on stage is with my horse," she shares. "One time my horse — I was on stage — drops a big poop. And I mean, it's big and it's steamy and it's stinky, you know."

"I mean, not for me, I love the smell of horse poop. Everything I own smells like horse poop, but it was just really awkward. And so I just had to say 'Well, sh-t happens,'" she quips.

Her joke sent everyone in the live studio audience into a fit of laughter, including the host, Clarkson, who threw her arms and head backward in a cackle.

"I actually would have loved that, being at that show," Clarkson admits.

The two also joked about quick changes during live performances — often, artists will have just a few short minutes to change their outfits between songs. It's a stressful time that can bring out some colorful language.

"There's lots of swearing in the quick change — it's a scream, swear fest because you have to get out there in time," Twain jokes.

Even with help, there's still room for error in those quick wardrobe swaps. Clarkson admits she herself almost had a major wardrobe malfunction during her last tour.

"One time in my quick change, they forgot to do something. They zipped me but didn't do the ...," she explains, trailing off, "And I jumped around a lot on that tour so my dress almost came completely off. And I was commando."

"So that would have gone real European beach real quick," Clarkson says with a laugh.

Hopefully everything is zipped and fastened when Twain hits the road for her Queen of Me Tour this year. The trek — which has been extended twice already — kicks off on April 28 and will run through Nov. 14, with 70 dates.

There's been no announcement regarding openers — or horse additions — for this tour. It's her first outing since her Now Tour in 2018. Twain is coming off of her Let's Go! Las Vegas residency, which ran for nearly three years.

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