Typically this time of year it is so far below zero that cars won't start, and we avoid the outdoors at all costs. Not this year. I think 2021 has some residual 2020 on it.

The past two weeks, I've gone on more winter walks with my dog than I have in the four years I've had him. We have been getting out of the house so much because the weather has been so mild. Highs in the upper 20s - high 30s and basically no wind have made for some really great afternoon walks. He's really been enjoying it, and I gotta say I have too. The fresh air is a welcome change to our usual January weather in Minnesota.

As we have been doing laps around the neighborhood, we haven't been the only ones taking advantage of what Mother Nature is serving. Kids and parents are getting outside and playing, dogs are getting more walks, and everyone has been smiling and waving to people they might not see until warmer weather comes around.

But seeing melting snow, receding snow forts, and dead grass is a bit off-putting for this time of year. This is early March, false-hope-for-spring weather. The weather you get before a massive snowstorm comes and totally kills your spirit.

That snowstorm could potentially come later this week. Wednesday, January 13th - Friday, January 15th there is a chance for a rain-snow mixture and wind gusts up to 30 mph. The word "blustery" will be finding its way back into our vocabulary.

Get outside and soak up the nice weather while you can, it might be a while until we get it again.

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