It is official, Record Store Day (RSD) for 2024 will be Saturday, April 20th. If you are not familiar with Record Store Day it is a special day once a year where special limited edition vinyl records are released, available in independent record stores only.

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So, you can't get them at places like Barnes and Noble, Target, or Amazon. You need to visit your local record store such as Down In the Valley, or the Electric Fetus. RSD started in 2008 as a way to bring attention to the culture of vinyl collecting and the over 1400 unique independent record stores in the country. It is a special day for collectors, stores and their staff to get together, have fun, and just spend a whole day celebrating the hobby.

The event started small with mostly independent labels supplying the records but it has grown where now major labels take part.  If you have never taken part or seen it, it is like Black Friday for vinyl collecting. People will line up outside their favorite store as early as the day before to make sure they can get that prized limited vinyl.


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Some titles will have as few as 300-500 hundred copies worldwide, others, like Taylor Swift's "Folklore: the Long Pond Studio Sessions" will have as many as 75,000. While it is not a national holiday yet, many record enthusiasts think it should be.

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