I've been living in Sauk Rapids for almost four years now and I'm just now realizing how great the sidewalks are in that town.

I was taking photos of the fall colors on the Sauk Rapids bridge last week, which was my first time ever crossing that bridge on foot. I have driven over it almost every day but I didn't realize how nice it was for walking. The sidewalks are super wide making it great for biking and walking, and you don't need to worry about oncoming traffic if you have to pass someone.

When I was done on the bridge I had to pick up a few things at Walgreens, and as I walked there I was very appreciative of the sidewalks. The pavers add a nice home feel, and they're super wide like the bridge. The granite bench accents that have been there this whole time seemed brand new.

As silly as it sounds I almost forgot I was in the town I call home. I felt a little like a tourist appreciating the city's design.

I got to thinking about my own Sauk Rapids neighborhood and we have great sidewalks as well. They are well maintained, they don't just randomly end in the middle of nowhere, and they get plenty of use with kids on bikes, runners, and people walking dogs.

This all seems crazy and ridiculous as I type it. I can feel myself become the "crazy sidewalk lady". But you know what? Sometimes you just need to take a minute to appreciate the little things, like nice sidewalks.

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The Sauk Rapids Bridge is Great For Fall Color Spotting


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