The Dairy Queen Treat in Sauk Rapids announced when they'll be opening for the season. I've been driving by the DQ every single day, basically stalking them (they're on my route home from work).

On my way home yesterday, I saw what I've been waiting weeks for! There was a giant poster sign in their window with the date 'February 26'.

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For those of you who are living in quarantine world and have no idea what day it is...the DQ is opening up this FRIDAY! Is there anything better than heading into a weekend with a giant ice cream in hand? No, I didn't think so either.

The Sauk Rapids Dairy Queen Treat closed for the season in 2020 a little earlier than they normally do. We're still not sure why, but we're excited they're opening now!

Actually, I've seen cars parked outside of the DQ for the last week or so. I was pretty sure this announcement was coming because it seemed like they were getting things ready for the season. And, turns out, my instincts were right. (I don't have enough to do during quarantine apparently lol).

I've got so many memories growing up in Sauk Rapids and walking to the Dairy Queen with my 5th and 6th grade class after completing our Earth Day projects. It's not just the ice cream I love, it's the nostalgia.

The Sauk Rapids Dairy Queen Treat is located at 501 North Benton Drive in Sauk Rapids. You can also keep up with them on Facebook.

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