Last week, the Dairy Queen in Detroit Lakes, MN received an unexpected guest afterhours hoping for a sweet treat.

On Friday, Dairy Queen of Detroit Lakes posted a clip of security camera footage captured the night before of an unexpected visitor. "Our newest furry friend came to try some DQ sweet treats last night!" reads the video's caption. The video -- time stamped just before 11:00pm the Thursday night before -- shows a black bear lumbering onto the Dairy Queen patio and quickly passing through.

"I hope he doesn’t leave a bad Yelp review since you were closed," joked one in the Facebook comment section.

"He forgot to bring his pic-a-nic basket!" cracked another, referring to another famous bear - Yogi Bear.

"Pick up or drive through?" joked a third. Jokes aside, many others expressed concern for the bear's safety.

"Hope he found his way out of town," expressed one.

"Hope the bear is left alone to safely leave town," said another.

"Hope the little fellow gets home safe," sympathized a third.

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Dairy Queen of Detroit Lakes is located downtown at 900 McKinley Ave, leading many to wonder at the bear's public location.

"I'm sure that grease bin had him attracted," speculated one.

"That’s crazy! What is he doing in town!" According to KVRR, a bear (perhaps the same one, though not confirmed) was also seen walking along the McKinley Plaza and spotted in a tree along Lori Ave.

There have been a spate of unusual bear sightings this year. Just a few weeks ago, a bear scared a couple teenagers after lumbering through their Centerville, MN neighborhood in broad daylight. In mid-May, a black bear cub created a stir after being spotted a couple days in a row in southeast St. Cloud. Brush up on other unexpected bear sightings around Minnesota here.

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