We learned not to long ago that Dairy Queen is offering up a Confetti Cake Dipped Cone flavor this spring. One Dairy Queen manager from Michigan just shared that a fan-favorite discontinued Dairy Queen item is going to be making a comeback in 2024. The cherry-flavored dipped cone is coming back in 2024!


@dqshelbytwpmi Ask and you shall recieve 🍒 #dq #dairyqueen #cherrydip #dippedcone ♬ Kanye West - C10

The Shelby Township Michigan Dairy Queen shared the announcement via a TikTok video on Friday. The video has been seen more than 115,000 times and it seems people are excited about the announcement.

The cherry flavor-dipped cones were discontinued by DQ about 9 months ago and people weren't happy. In its place, Dairy Queen offered up a churro-flavored dipped cone, and later they unveiled a butterscotch dipped cone, and now finally the newest limited dipped cone flavor is confetti cake.

WCCO-TV in May of 2023, when the announcement that the Cherry dipped cone would be discontinued, shared that:

Over the years, Dairy Queen has explored a number of flavors for their dipped soft-serve ice cream cones. In the spring of 2019, Dairy Queen launched the Dreamsicle dipped cone, and in 2022 and 2023 launched additional flavors including Fruity Blast -- a cereal-flavored dip -- and churro.  Dairy Queen has even tried their hand at a pumpkin-flavored dipped cone.

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It's not clear as to when all Dairy Queens will be offering the Cherry-dipped cone yet, as the flavor still has to be distributed to many locations.


Although, it might not hurt to ask the next time you are in the drive-thru, or inside satisfying your buster bar fix.

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