SARTELL (WJON News) -- Sartell will soon be getting its first solar garden. The Sartell City Council approved a conditional use permit at Monday night's meeting for Enterprise Energy, LLC to build and operate a 2 MW solar garden.

The moratorium on solar gardens in Sartell was lifted when the council passed the city's Solar Ordinance at the October 23rd meeting. Enterprise Energy originally applied for the permit in May of this year but the planning commission recommended the moratorium.

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The council granted Enterprise Energy two extensions while they worked out the city's Solar Ordinance. Enterprise Energy has since modified its application to reflect what the Solar Ordinance requires for solar gardens. Enterprise Energy is a shared solar community company that allows people who don't have a good spot for solar to come together and place panels in a location that allows the electric company to treat the panels as if they were on their property.




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