Kelly Cordes/Youtube

Sampson doesn't get a lot of socialization, and can really be frightened of guests; as well as frighten guests when they come to my house. He has a big bark; an even bigger growl, and frightens my neighbors. They don't know how loving he can be. Although he's never 'bitten' anyone...I really didn't know what he would do. He also loved to run off and play; dangerously so, that he would run for miles before coming back home. Of course, he's just using his beautiful long legs and enjoy a good run and always came back; on his OWN watch.

I had a conversation with Cory at Off Leash K9 training. I told him there was NO WAY I'd ever be able to have him off leash anywhere. I was wrong. After about two sessions with Cory, My dog learned OFF...meaning this is a forever NO. He learned how to come to me and does it! He only did it when he wanted to before.

I can even have him off leash in a public park. Watch my video. We are now learning some extra stuff, like staying when I walk away from him. He follows hand signals and is doing fantastic.

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