I received a phone message yesterday afternoon that really made me wonder if it was a legitimate call or not. The caller said they were with a certain business here in St. Cloud that had done some work on my house last year. They told me they were in town and just wondered if they could stop by and check out the work they had done for my warranty.

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Until I confirm with the company that this IS INDEED someone from their company, I'm not calling them back. Now that the warmer weather has arrived; it means probably more storms, and roofing and construction scams are already on the rise in central Minnesota.

You can use the BBB Scam Tracker to search scams in our area; and according to the BBB, they are already receiving reports of shady “free” roof inspections.


You receive a call or voicemail message from someone; or a person shows up at your door claiming to be a roofing or construction company.

You accept the free inspection, and the “inspector” shows up at your house. If they don’t find enough wear and tear to merit a whole new roof, they may tear off shingles to mimic wind damage. Or even show you pictures of someone else’s damaged roof.


Most scams begin with a contractor who “just happens to be in the area” and notices your roof or home has the appearance of needing repairs from the outside. Roofing scams typically increase in frequency after strong storms have gone through the area.

Before signing any paperwork or contracts with a roofing company, have your insurance company come out for an inspection to verify the need for repairs or replacements.

If you've received a call like this; don't just let them come over. Call the company that you have worked with directly, and ask them if they sent someone to your home.

If you weren't expecting anyone, and it feels odd, it probably isn't legit.

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