'Good Morning America's' Robin Roberts announced yesterday (Monday) morning that her last day on the show before her medical leave of absence will be Friday.

Robin has been a staple on ABC's popular morning news show for many years. She started as a featured reporter for 'Good Morning America' in 1995, then became the news anchor in 2002 and was promoted to co-anchor of GMA in 2005.

This isn't the first time we have followed Roberts through a tough time in her life. Back in 2007 she was diagnosed with breast cancer, after surgery and an aggressive treatment plan we were all happy to hear she had beat the disease.

Back in June, just five short years after beating breast cancer, she announced on 'Good Morning America' that she had been diagnosed with MDS (myelodysplastic syndrome) which was formerly known as pre-leukemia.

Roberts will be leaving the show for a yet to be determined amount of time, but what is most important is that she gets better. Her treatment plan includes a bone marrow transplant, (that she has said will come from her sister) between that and her recovery the process will last months.

Tune in to 'Good Morning America' all this week as the team reports on Robin's condition, and you can be sure they will continue to follow her through her road to recovery.

We wish Robin all the best, and hope for a speedy return.