Reddit user u/wetlawnmulch shared this to the r/saintcloud feed recently:

You're on your death row this is your last meal. Reply with the restaurant, and the meal if you know it, if you were born in St. Cloud (Yes/No), and if you're younger than 45 or over 45. Location is limited to restaurants in the St. Cloud Metro Area.

The responses will leave your mouth-watering and have you grabbing your car keys to head out for a bite to eat. Here were some of the comments:

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Gilberto’s Mexican restaurant open 24/7

Carnitas tacos/ super nachos

Saint Cloud native, Under 45


Star of India or Kohinoor (same owner) *Paleek Paneer w/saffron rice *Garlic Naan *Pashwari Naan

Under 45

Whether you are a meat eater or vegetarian they have a wide variety of options to choose from.

Not a Saint Cloud Native.


Bravo Burrito, Deluxe Chicken Verde Burrito

Yes born in St. Cloud

Over 45


St. Cloud native, living in the cities now. Everyone here who drools over Chipotle think I’m nuts suggesting there is a bravo place in St. Cloud that looks down on chipotle.

I’d drive to St. Cloud just for bravo!


House of Pizza, Sliced jalapenos, breakfast bacon, and cream cheese for an improvised jalapeno popper pizza. Not originally from cloud, Under 45.



Stir fry ginger, Catfish, Laab Esan (chicken)

Not born in St. Cloud (lived here many years, though)

Under 45


Giliberto's carne asada. Hands down, best food in town (in my personal record book). Not from here, 46, LOL


Jules Bistro, Artichoke Dip (Carrot Cake was amazing too) Not a St. Cloud Native, but have lived in MN my entire life (save for 2 years) Younger than 45.


RJs American Grill

Spicy penne pasta with chicken

St. Cloud native

Under 45

I absolutely love this meal and many others at RJs. It's not near anything but I94, but worth the jaunt over to eat there.


Gilberto's Mexican Taco Shop

Steak combination plate, add pico, hit the salsa bar, grab an xxx Habanaro hot sauce.

Not born in St. Cloud

Under 45

OR Bravo Burrito

Basic burrito with Bravo Chili and habanero salsa

This thread was a great reminder of the incredible restaurants we have in our area. It's also a great place to refer back to when you can't decide where to go for dinner. Be sure to bookmark it!

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