Have you ever sent off an email and sat there eagerly awaiting a response?  One hour goes by with no reply, then two and finally you lose count.  You sit there wondering why you didn't pick up the phone or talk to the person face-to-face.

Email is in arguably the way people communicate at school and in the work place.  For all of the benefits an email has, you are still left with having to wait for a response.  A new survey indicates email is the form of communication that makes people the angriest at work.

Here are a few reasons people hate sending emails:

  •  They don't get a response
  •  The message is misunderstood
  •  They don't get all the information they need

Now, here are some reasons people dislike getting email:

  • Message content is not clear
  • The email is too long
  • People are rude and use poor grammar
  • Messages have no personality

We have all been in this position before and I truly believe there is no substitute for face-to-face communication.  It clears up any misconceptions the parties may have about messages and responses and let's be honest, computers can't make smile or tell a joke like a human can.

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