Yes, I'm serious. The change doesn't effect your log in or the ability for Facbook to send you annoying emails about updates, friend requests, invites...but it does prevent others from getting your email address.

If you click on the 'about' link in your profile and scroll down to your email address, you will notice that it now reads (your username) The reasoning for the switch - Mark Zuckerberg is a control freak. Back in 2010 Facebook launched its own email service, but no one uses it. Apparently Mark doesn't take it well when something fails, so instead of writing that off as a bad idea and moving on, Mark has forced us all to use the email without even asking for our permission.

So for those of you who use Facebook to self promote, and would like a legitimate email address in there for fans or clients, or if you simply want to stick it to Mark Zuckerberg - follow these easy steps to change your email back.

1. Click “About” on your profile and scroll down to your email address. Click “Edit” to change them.

2. Click on the circle next to your Facebook email address and change its setting to “Hidden From Timeline”.

3. Click on the circle next to your other email addresses and change their settings to “Shown On Timeline.”

4. Click the Save button at the bottom of the Edit popup (Don’t forget this step).

For the very few lucky people who have not yet been forced into the new timeline format, here's your downfall, you will not be able to change your email address back until you make the dreaded switch.


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