The era of sending an email to the wrong person may be a thing of the past.

Google has announced that its 'undo send' option is now a regular feature for all Gmail users.

The feature had previously been used as part of the testing platform Google Labs, but is now up and running as a regular part of Gmail.

It's pretty simple to use, too.You can find it in "Settings" and choose between five and 30 seconds before hitting "Save Changes." Once it's on, you should see a little box offering you the "undo" option each time you send an email.

Undo Send

So, go ahead send your grandmother that photo of you doing a keg stand that was meant for your old college roommate. Fire off that email to your boss telling him to take your job and shove it. Reply all that you can't stand your wife's parents when you actually meant to forward it to your therapist. Because it can all be taken back and save you the grief we have all experienced at one time or another.

Now that Google has solved this problem, maybe they can get started on sending an email with us merely thinking the words. That's not a lot to ask, is it?

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