I guess back in the day Saint Cloud had a television station or two, I actually went out to a transmitter site this afternoon that is located on the grounds of an old television studio. The dedicated channel for the area was Channel 7, and it is looking like that channel is coming back to the Saint Cloud area, at least according to some recent FCC filings.

According to the website NorthPine.com, it's a website devoted to television and radio news and happenings across the midwest, a broadcast company known as "Radiant Life Ministries/Tri-State Christian Television has proposed a new TV station that would theoretically reach the northwestern Twin Cities metro while also serving central Minnesota."

Image Credit: Watch.TCT.TV Screen Grab via Paul Shea/TSM
Image Credit: Watch.TCT.TV Screen Grab via Paul Shea/TSM

NorthPine.com continued online stating that the television station on Channel 7 would "in theory" cover a good chunk of Central Minnesota as well as the Northwest Metro in the Twin Cities.

"The facility would provide theoretical rooftop antenna reception to the northwestern Twin Cities metro, though it should be noted that few metro-area households have rooftop antennas. Under most circumstances, it would not be possible to receive a VHF digital TV signal with an indoor antenna at that distance. The full-power license status will give the new station must-carry rights on cable and satellite providers across the Minneapolis TV market."

So Saint Cloud is gaining a television station, but the two questions we still have is when will it start broadcasting (it's not known right now when that will be) and how local will the programming be on it, well that is a good question as it seems the programming will be religious/Christian based, but it might feature local services? I guess we will just have to wait and see.

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