2012 was not a good year for Randy Travis.  He was arrested in February for public intoxication.  When that happened the public got their hands on the video footage and got a good laugh out of it.

His troubles didn't stop there.  In August, police responded to a call where an unclothed man was lying in the street.  That man was Randy Travis and when the police arrived they discovered he had crashed his car in a construction zone and was indeed lying in the middle of the road with no clothes on.

Video of his arrest was taken that night and he is now trying to stop it from being released to the public.  A judge in the case had decided that the video be destroyed and the transcript would remain confidential.  However, the attorney general decided some of the information should be made public.

On Tuesday, Randy filed a lawsuit with Travis County against the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Office of the Attorney General.  He's seeking $100,000 in damages and an order to keep the information private.

I don't care to see the video personally and I can understand why Randy wouldn't want it released.  It's embarrassing but with all the technology that is available, it's difficult to keep these kinds of things under wraps.