I'm beginning to notice a Minnesota trend on the Fox show Monarch. Last night there was another Minnesota moment/landmark on the Country music-based drama. If you blinked however you might have missed it. Did you spot the Minnesota connection?

Image Credit Fox Television Monarch
Image Credit Fox Television Monarch

If you didn't see it don't feel bad like I said if you blinked you could have missed it. The Minnesota landmark that was briefly featured happened to be US Bank Stadium! The stadium was spotted about halfway through the episode, actually ironically during a flashback to what appeared to be a moment from the late 80s/early 90s between Trace Adkins's character Albie Roman, and Susan Sarandon's character Dottie Cantrell Roman.

Before we get to the acting scene you are looking at a skyline at night with a huge stadium lit up. The camera lingers on the skyline and stadium for just a few seconds before we are in Dottie's dressing room before she performs.

Now, this isn't the first time a Minnesota connection has been featured on the show. Back in Episode 4, Cannon Falls' own Caitlyn Smith was on the show, performing a song for Albie and Dottie's daughter Nikki. Caitlyn was playing the guitar and singing for a few moments on screen before wrapping up and ultimately keeping that song for herself after she felt a connection to it.

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Of course, Caitlyn also performs the title song of the show, so that makes 3 Minnesota connections to Monarch. Will there be more? I hope as it's fun to see these Easter eggs hidden throughout the show.

You can see the scene for yourself on Fox's website, just skip ahead to the 19:56 mark of the show.

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