One of the most anticipated country music-themed series entitled 'Monarch', starring country superstar Trace Adkins and Superstar Susan Sarandon, is underway; and delivers what we all look for in a weeknight evening soap opera; drama, deceit, and amazing music. The Fox series is about a married couple who are known as the "Texas TruthTeller" (Albie Roman, played by Trace Adkins) and Dottie Cantrell Roman, (played by Susan Sarandon), who is known as The Queen of Country Music. They also have three talented musical children, own their own company and really seem to rule the world of country music.


The Theme song to 'Monarch' has a Minnesota connection. The singer of the theme song,  entitled "The Card You Gamble" is the amazing Caitlyn Smith from Cannon Falls, Minnesota.

How is it that I haven't heard this beautiful voice before now? You can go to her website and learn about her music.

She put her first band together at the age of 12, and was ambitious, making cold calls to local venues for bookings. She created 3 albums before she turned 19 and then began making the long drive to Nashville Tennessee as much as she could.

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She eventually did move to Tennessee and has been involved in the writing community. Her first album release in 2018 was called 'Starfire,' and Caitlyn made the statement that if a song didn't give her chills at some point, she didn't want to put it on a record.

Now we are hearing her voice on the Monarch Theme song every Tuesday night on Fox. The song is called  "The Card You Gamble," and was written by The Love Junkies: a Nashville songwriting team consisting of songwriters Hillary Lindsey, Lori McKenna, and Liz Rose.  Although Caitlyn didn't write THIS song, she certainly has a great songwriting ability, and I can't wait to see more of Caitlin.


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