Community members in Big Lake should be advised that the Big Lake Police Department will be having a procession throughout town on Saturday in remembrance of its fallen K9 officer Bruno who passed away last week.

The procession will happen on Saturday, October 22nd at 10am and will run from the East side of Big Lake to the West side of town. The route from the Big Lake Police Department indicates that the procession will start on Highway 10 just East of 168th St NW. It will continue Westbound on Highway 10 crossing County Road 43 into downtown Big Lake. The procession will then turn Northbound on Lakeshore Drive/Hiawatha and go around Big Lake. The procession will then head Southbound on Eagle Lake Road through Glenwood where the procession will end at the intersection of Eagle Lake Road and Minnesota Ave.

The Big Lake Police Department is advising that anyone attending the procession should park legally and out of the way, as well as maintain a safe distance from the procession and be aware of their surroundings while the procession is taking place.

Bruno suffered a medical emergency while off duty on October 12th and ultimately passed away due in part to the emergency after receiving veterinary care.

In case you were wondering the letter and number associated with police dogs, K9, don't stand for anything other than having the “K” and the “9” merely echo sounds found in the word “canine”.

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