At the beginning of December I was sharing how the Scott County officials had a meeting to discuss several items. The one item on the agenda, that was the biggest of them all, is whether or not Mid-America Festivals, who run the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, should have their permit revoked.

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Several showed up to the meeting for and against the revoking of the permit, but it had been motioned and passed "to table action until January 17, 2023". However, while I was on Facebook there was a post with a snapshot of minutes, that appear to be from the commissioners meeting from December 20, 2022.

The snapshot shows in the minutes quote:

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED, by the Board of Commissioners in and for the County of Scott, Minnesota, that based on the Findings of Fact herein, Conditional Use Permit #616-C-8 Issued to Mid-America Festivals Corporation to Operate the Minnesota Renaissance Festival and Trail of Terror is hereby revoked.

At this time I waiting to hear back from Scott County Administrator Lezlie Vermillion for clarity. The minutes to the meeting from what I can find for December 20, 2022 are HERE and around 497 pages. Also looking for a comment from Mid-America Festivals to see what this could mean for the future of the Minnesota Renaissance Festival.

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Many were already giving their two cents on Facebook with everyone not happy and glad they haven't gotten their tickets yet for next year, since there is so much uncertainty at this time. Another meeting is set for in January. This is when the festival can present their ideas on fixing the many problems that were brought forth in the November meeting, with much of it being the parking and traffic issues during the festival.

If the permit really has been revoked they will be able to present fixes to the issues and reapply. However, at this time, it's all a bit of a mystery and we can only ask, what will become of the Minnesota Renaissance Festival?


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