We've heard mumblings about 4-day workweeks and 4-day school weeks before. I'm convinced that we can't have one without the other. Finding a daycare/babysitter for the kids once a week? Why even work that 5th day?

So here's where YOU come in: do you think Minnesota should go to a 4-day school week?



The impact of a switch to 4-day school weeks on students and teachers is unclear. There's a school east of Phoenix, Arizona that adopted the 4-day school week. The result?

Instead of teachers getting together for lesson planning and grading on Saturdays, they instead do it on Fridays, giving them the weekend to do...anything else. Relax? Be human for a few days?

Thusfar, pros of the 4-day school week include more-engaged students and less absenteeism. The cons include potential new costs for parents still working 5 days/week, and less money for school support staff (bus drivers, food service workers, etc).

It's not perfect, but neither is the status quo. So what do YOU think?

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