MacRebur, a company out of the UK, has found a way to use old plastic bottles to improve the quality of roads. Toby McCartney, CEO of MacRebur, got the idea while he was working in Southern India, after people there told him they collected old plastic to melt and turn it into filler for the potholes! And it works!!!!


This enhanced asphalt lasts much longer than traditional asphalt roads, and believes that plastic roads are 60% stronger than traditional roads, and lab tests show that they may last up to three times longer. The mixture can be used in many different applications including parking lots, race tracks, airport runways, and interstates.

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The new plastic MacRebur asphalt also increases the lifespan of the material, and is environment-friendly, reducing the carbon footprint by reducing the amount of fossil fuel used in the manufacturing process.

If you'd like to learn more, click HERE now.

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