There's nothing better than going on vacation to make life long memories; and some vacations become more memorable than others. Take this vacation for example for Jahn Martin.

Jahn Martin was on vacation at The Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore off Lake Superior in Michigan over the weekend.


Jahn was in a pontoon with friends when he heard some popping and cracking coming from the direction of the cliff wall. He started video taping when all this happened. You can hear him shouting, "Back up Brad!  Back up!" I think there were a few profanities in there somewhere too.

They were probably closer to the wall than what they appear to be, and seem to be a bit worried about the waves that would come from the rock crashing into the water. Maybe they were even worried that some of the rock might be headed their way.

The incident happened between Miner's Beach and Mosquito Beach.

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So how often do collapses like this happen? It seems to be quite often. A similar incident happened in 2019. Some Kayakers that were on a tour barely escaped being injured when a large section of the cliff fell into the waters below.

The National Park Service website warns that sand, debris and rock can fall at any given time from the cliffs.

They explain what causes rockfall, where rockfall has occurred and what you should do if you see something like this happening; including informing park staff of the incident, and providing them with any footage, and exact locations that it happened. This way, they can keep people informed of events that are happening. They also remind people that nature is nature...and you have to be careful when you are in it.


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