Don Olson, Photo
Don Olson, Photo


I was scouring the internet for something fun to do this weekend, and I found that there are a lot of local Musicians that are finding a way to carry on amid our crisis...and Paul "Stretch" Diethelm and Ted Manderfeld are no exception. These two talented great guys are coming together tonight for a virtual concert for a kick off to your extended weekend, that's sure to be a blast.

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If you know anything about local Musicians that have made their mark on the world, these two guys have done it.  Paul "Stretch" Diethelm you may know from playing music with Jonny Lang's band, The Greystone Rockers and Slip Twister. Now you can usually find him performing with The Fabulous Armadillos.


Ted Manderfeld is as funny as he is talented; playing keys and singing with the popular touring piano duo Deuces WIld Dueling Pianos.  Ted & Dave own the stage and don't be surprised when they call you up on stage in a seconds notice; you won't know what hit you!

So putting Paul and Ted together for a weekend kick off sounds like a heck of a party to me! Let's join in the fun...from the comfort of our own living rooms, and enjoy some great local talent tonight.



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