At last week's Thursday night football game at US Bank Stadium, the fans in the 'nose bleeds' section may have been having more fun than those on the sidelines.

A video has surfaced via Barstool Sports of a fan making a paper airplane and launching it from the upper deck of the stadium. Watching the video you can almost feel the whole section hold their breath in anticipation. Would the plane make it down to the field, or even just a lower deck?

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Not only did the plane make it down to the turf, it made it to the middle of the field, in the middle of the Vikings running a play. Naturally there was quite a bit of celebration, and many a "no way!" being shouted out.

US Bank Stadium is roughly 30 stories high at it's tallest point, so the odds of that little paper plan making it from the upper deck to the playing field as perfectly as it did are pretty incredible.

Check out the video below, and remember US Bank Stadium does not condone the throwing of anything during any event at the venue.

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