Valentine's Day is here again. Did you forget to order flowers and make a fancy dinner reservation? Need a creative excuse? The Osakis Police Department has you covered. They are offering a Valentine's Day Special on arrests.

We arrest you in front of your wife and release you Saturday afternoon. A warm fish house with drilled holes, propane, satellite tv, bait and beer are included. We show up in uniform with lights and siren. $300.

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Not a bad deal for a solid day on the lake, plus you will be off the hook (pun intended) for Valentine's Day gifting this year. Heck even the beer and bait are included.

Of course you could also admit your mistake to your spouse, but if you're a repeat offender on this kind of thing, she might have you arrested herself. I'll let you be the one to decide the best course of action here.

Happy Valentine's Day, and thank you to all police and law enforcement officers keeping us safe year round!

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