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With the Golden Globes speech from Oprah Winfrey creating a buzz about the possibilities of Oprah as President, it opens the door to ask the question; What do I really want in a President?  What do YOU want in a President?

Can a President live up to my expectations? I'd like to see President meet the following:

A President...A President should be brave enough to make tough decisions, based on truth and fact; not personal opinion.

A President should be able to stand strong behind their decisions and be able to reach the nation with words of wisdom; to unite; create hope; create equality; and help us create a country that is healthy, wealthy and free.

A President is someone who can move others to change in the right direction. A person that has walked in the shoes of the poor; the middle class; the wealthy; to understand a variety  of individual perspectives.

A person who understand what it means to be a business owner and how to create more business and jobs for our country.

A person who has been an Employee; So they can understand the obstacles that the working class must overcome to be a successful person in society.

Am I looking for the perfect person for President?

A person that my children can look up to.

A person that is visionary; progressive; and forward thinking.

Based on these things; Does Oprah Winfrey fit the bill? I would say; she certainly has been in all of these situations; and has survived....all of them.

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