Opie's Angels asks for that one thing that will help ease some stress during the holidays. Sometimes the one thing that will help is simple.

This Opie's Angel wish is one of the simplest wishes we have been able to grant.

Dear Opie's Angels,

I would like to nominate my friend Jen. Her husband was in a horrible car accident in June. Only 10% of people survive the injuries he had. Due to the accident, he is unable to work and is going through therapy. Since the accident, Jen has had to work two jobs, take her husband to appointments and also ensure her five kids get to their commitments.

Jen quite frankly needs a break. She is a wonderful mother, wife and friend. When speaking to her the other day, she mentioned their vacuum cleaner had broken. I know it may not seem like a large expenditure, but for their family it is. With seven people in your household, a vacuum is essential.

Opie, please grant my wish and bring Jen a vacuum cleaner and if you can find it in your heart to bring Jen something special just for her, that would be awesome. She is a trooper, she never complains about working two jobs or not having anytime to just relax. She takes all her jobs seriously - being a mom, a wife and a great employee at two jobs. She deserves a break.

Thank you Opie,



Dear Jill,

Thank you for nominating your friend. It does sound like she really needs a break. Her family has been blessed by having her husband survive those injuries - even though he has rehab to continue with, at least she still has him. It sounds like God was truly looking out for her and the family.

For Jen to take on two jobs to support the family and still keep the household running is a feat that many would not be able to handle. It sounds like you are a great friend who is there to listen and actually HEAR what she is saying. So many people claim to listen, but it goes in one ear and out the other. For you to hear what she was saying and be able to turn that into a wish is truly special.

We would love to help Jen out with a new vacuum. In fact, Vacuum Cleaner Center in St. Cloud is right across the street from Opie's office. He has a few friends there and they will get Jen a great vacuum that will last for years. We know that your home can sometimes be the last place of solace. If it is dirty, you can't relax and just enjoy the time at home. We would also like to give her a $150 gift card that she can use on something nice for herself and maybe help out with some gifts for the kids.

Here's to a clean house and a Merry Christmas!

Opie's Angels