UNDATED -- The Climate Prediction Center is putting itself out there with some long-range forecasts for temperatures and precipitation.

They are expecting the month of October to be above average for temperatures for all of Minnesota, as well as most of the country.  The exceptions to that would be in the far southeastern part of the country as well as in the pacific northwest.

Climate Prediction Center
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The Weather Channel's outlook for the month of October shows highs generally in the lower 70s and lower 60s through the first 10 days, then expect to see highs in the 50s for the rest of the month.

Looking at their three-month temperature forecast for October, November, and December they are calling for closer to normal temperatures here in the upper Midwest.

Climate Prediction Center

We've been getting some good rain lately and the Climate Prediction Center expects that trend to continue into October with the forecast calling for above-normal amounts of rain for most of Minnesota with the exception of the far southwest corner of the state.

Climate Prediction Center

The three-month precipitation outlook for October through the end of December is looking more like average amounts of rain and snow.

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