The town of Battle Lake has less than 1,000 people, but everyone in the area has a sweet tooth. So much so that they have helped keep Granny’s Pantry serving up treats for 30 years.

Granny's Pantry is a ice cream and candy shop located on the main street running through the small town of Battle Lake. It is a must-do for people visiting the lakes area for the weekend, and rain or shine people are lined up out the door for ice cream and other goodies.


Granny's is known for their over 40 ice cream flavors, homemade fudge, hundred's of bulk candies, and too many slat water taffy flavors to count. (I recommend the chocolate chip cookie and chicken and waffles flavors)

Growing up, my family would spend multiple weeks a summer at a resort in Ashby, Minnesota. The week usually involved a drive into Battle Lake at some point for treats at Granny’s Pantry. My go-to was always a two-foot-long gummy snake.

Now my grandparents have a cabin in the area and I get to go back multiple times a summer to visit. It's fun seeing my younger cousins load up on sugary snacks the same way I did as a kid. Hopefully Granny's Pantry sees another 30+ years of success and sweets!


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