Suzanne Morgan is like a lot of us. She has a young daughter and a dog. For her, like most of us, money is tight and one day she ran out of dog food. This is when she got…ummmm…more creative than the rest of us?

To quiet her dog while her daughter napped, Suzanne fed her pup her already-pumped breast milk, but this got her wondering what it would be like to actually breastfeed the dog. NO! Oh, yes she did.

Suzanne says the dog loves it and everyone is happy; so what’s the problem? Well, my dog loves to eat horse poop. Just because she loves it doesn’t mean it’s right.

The most disturbing part of the story, though? Suzanne took a picture. Please, please, please -  don’t look if you are at work, easily offended or just don’t want this unsettling image with you for the rest of your life. Seriously!