There was a time, in what seems a lifetime ago, finding the time and energy to work out wasn’t really a problem for me. I would find my way to a local school to move around the track or head to a gym where an elliptical machine would be waiting. At worst I’d try to get about 30 minutes of cardio in to relieve stress, and work on my fitness level.
Well, those days are pretty much long gone. There isn’t a lot of activity in my routine unless you count going up and down the steps in our apartment building to walk the dog.

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From conversations I’ve had with people and things I’ve seen folks post on social media, finding 30 minutes to try to work on our fitness is challenging for a lot of us. If only there were a way to get a similar result with very little effort.
Oh wait, there seems to be. Last week it was reported that soaking in a hot tub can have similar effects to going on a 30-minute jog. The scientist who worked on this project says that if you sit in a hot tub for 30 minutes, it’s not only good for your mental health, but you get a major cardiovascular boost that is somewhat like running.

How is this possible? Blood Flow to your legs increases by 345% which again is close to the equivalent to jogging for 30 minutes. Heart rates went up by 31 beats per minute, which mirrors a good, steady walk.
In addition to these numbers, stress levels went down roughly 22% and anxiety was reduced by about 10%.
Other reports state that a half hour in a hot tub can also help you sleep better, reduce pain and in some cases help with insulin sensitivity.
So, you see there’s some science behind this “hot tub sitting” theory. For those who don't have the energy to workout for 30 minutes but are willing to try to this method, finding a hot tub now becomes the biggest challenge.

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