When you think back to your high school days, for most students, one of the biggest milestones was going to the prom. Most kids had seen their siblings, or neighbors go through the process, and they couldn’t wait until it was their turn.  

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There are so many things to worry about when you’re a teen when it comes to the prom; getting a date, finding the right dress or tux, and of course capturing the best pictures possible. 

But for parents and families of special needs students, those things quite honestly are not the most important issues. When a student has challenges, an event like prom can bring with it a host of potential issues.  

Loud music can be a problem, any lights that the band or DJ may use could create sensory issues. Some students are restricted to wheelchairs or have other assistance in walking, which aren’t conducive on a dance floor. 

 Like I said, there are a lot of potential pitfalls that could keep a student from being able to attend prom.  

One Minnesota High School wanted to ensure their students in the special education program had the chance to make their own prom memories.  

Hibbing High School recently held an event called “Inclusive Prom”. This prom is for special needs students that may have missed the high school’s other prom night.  

The school's cheerleading team held a glam session for the young ladies, helping them with their makeup. The decorations were carefully planned and placed by teachers, student clubs on campus and the guardians of the prom goers.  

The music was also selected and broadcast so that all students in attendance could enjoy their prom night safely.  

The community in and around the school came together to support this event which led to smiles all around for everyone. As the grandparent of a special needs child, I appreciate all of the people who helped make this happen. All we want for our kids or grandkids is for them fulfill these milestones and have times they will never forget.  

God Bless those who gave of their time and talents to help make this event a success. Now there’s a blueprint for other schools who want to do something similar next year.  

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