Remember Billy Gilman? The child prodigy that had the hit song One Voice back in the early 2000s? Well, he's all grown up now and doing some pretty significant things. Like bringing a slew of country artists together for one cause.

Billy has teamed up with 18 country artists from Alan Jackson to Wynonna to Diamond Rio to Keith Urban for one huge song that they hope will bring shoes to those in need. I love the video to this song because as each artist's part comes in, they show you who is singing. This project reminds me of the We Are the World project from the 80s.

Soles4Souls is a national organization, based in Nashville, that brings shoes to the nearly 300 Million kids that don't have a pair. Something you and I take for granted every day - just having a pair of shoes is the difference sometimes in life and death for some kids in third world countries. It is sad to think that half the 7 billion people on this planet don't have a pair of shoes.

Billy Gilman has brought together a huge cast of country artists to sing with him on his new song The Choice. The song features a pair of shoes donated by a child here in the states and where those shoes end up and the good that came from one small act of kindness.

The singers are looking for 500,000 downloads of this song. Each download equates to one pair of shoes for the Soles4Souls campaign. You can download the song on iTunes.

Check out the video and then download the song to help!


And just in case you don't remember Billy Gilman, here's the video for One Voice - still a song that is relate able today.

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