I'm planning my New Year's Day strategy. Vikings will be done by 3:00 Sunday afternoon (and likely not going to do anything for the vibe). Snacks, resolutions, Bloody Marys. Feels like there are a few holes in the plan, but thanks to Coborn's I found this fun little distraction.

Holly (perfect for the holidays) is a blogger for Corborn's and offered this idea for a fun little conversational game for New Year's Eve or Day with the family. It's a little bit Scruples and a little bit Cards Against Humanity.

Example Questions

Here are some of the questions you will find:

  • Best moment this year
  • Favorite new tech this year
  • Favorite new book this year
  • Favorite viral video this year
  • Best movie you saw this year
  • Most hilarious moment this year
  • Something new you tried this year

What were your big moments of 2016, and what do you expect in 2017? Download, print, play (drink, eat finger food, drink a little more).

Thanks to Holly and the gang at Coborn's for the New Year's distraction.

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