ST. CLOUD -- We could know as soon as Monday night what a new skate park in St. Cloud will look like.

The St. Cloud city council will likely choose one of three options presented to them during their meeting on Monday. The three designs range in cost from $755,000 to $1.1 million.

The preferred option is the most expensive one and has several more amenities than the previous skate park.

Money to build the skate park will come from the sale of the land in Heritage Park to Costco, as well as the Permanent Improvement Fund. That is a fund that was originally set up for the redevelopment of the old airport now commonly referred to as Whitney Park. Proceeds from the sale of city property, like the Heritage Park land sale, go into this fund.

Additional amenities that are in the plans for the new skate park include a shade structure and spectator seating, public bathrooms, and lighting. Those items will cost an additional $302,000 which will be paid for using half-cent sales tax dollars.

The original skate plaza was built in 2010. It was dismantled this summer to make way for the new Costco store.

The original cost estimate to replace the park was about $750,000, which St. Cloud Mayor Dave Kleis says they could do if the city council chooses the cheapest option of the three. The most expensive option -- which is the one being recommended -- will cost twice as much when you factor in the seating, lighting, and bathrooms.

Construction is expected to begin in the spring.

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