This company is growing and growing fast.

Microbiologics, originally named Environmental Protection Laboratories, was founded back in 1971, to pursue protecting public health, providing lab testing services for detecting microbial contamination in water sources, our environment, and in food products. Although they are headquartered in St. Cloud, they also have additional facilities in California, Kentucky, and Michigan.

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Recently Microbiologics Inc. in St. Cloud purchased and renovated a building close to its headquarter on Cooper Ave North, in order to serve as its new logistics center.

The new cooler space is double the amount the company had before and is now the home to shipping and warehousing for the company. The company made the move in October according to an article by Sarah Kocher from the St. Cloud Times.

According to the article, the company has experienced continuous growth and expects that to continue for years to come. The new space will allow the company to expand and they don't expect to have to increase space for a while, but at some point, they are planning on building across Osseo Avenue eventually.


Microbiologics offers cannabis microbial testing quality control strains which help ensure accurate results to keep consumers safe. They also work with clinical labs helping them confirm the accuracy of their test procedures and regulatory requirements. Teachers and students need dependable education resources for demonstration and testing purposes, and Microbiologics In offers the preparations to do it.

Microbiologics also works to keep our foods safe. they offer solutions designed to help alleviate challenges and support compliance with local and global regulations, as food safety is a growing concern no matter where you live.

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