I've been wanting to get a birdbath for my yard this year; but I had no idea how much they cost. They can be pretty pricey. I saw an adorable birdbath that was just a tiny little bowl with a frog sitting on it, and it was $100. I saw one the size of this beautiful used birdbath, and it was about $300.

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Lucky for me, while I was broadcasting "The Trading Post" last Friday on WJON, a very nice woman had sent in a few items for me to read on the air. One of them was about the birdbath that you see above. I just love it! I couldn't lift it so I enlisted by sons to do my dirty work for me. They brought it home and set it up for me.

I have a few maintenance things to take care of; like cleaning out the bowl, and get some water to run through it. There are a few cracks in the concrete, but I think they are all fixable. I also need to level up the ground and get this beautiful bath sitting in the right position. That's all doable.


Now...I need to learn about how to get birds to actually use my birdbath. I found a few tips online, and I think I will be in pretty good shape.

One of the first things I read was that if you want birds to really use your birdbath, that you should put it close to the ground, and close to trees and shrubs. CHECK. I meet these first standards. The next thing I read, was that they don't like slippery surfaces; so I'm glad I bough a concrete birdbath. It's coarse enough for them to be able to fly to, and grab onto something. I've also heard, that, it's really important to have the water about 2 inches deep, and that I should put a few rocks or pebbles in it so they can jump in and out of the water easily.

They experts say that the cooler the water, the less algae buildup you will have. I've got this in a nice shady spot, and then of course; keeping clean water in the bowl are also important. Running or trickling water is the next step. I need to find some way of having running water as the birds will really like it! So...I think I can find some kind of bubbler to put inside my birdbath.

What other tips do you have for me?  Send your great ideas to


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