Wednesday morning...I get it my car...begin my commute to work. I'm checking my tire pressure and notice that my front left tire is incredibly low and dropping. I quickly make a call to a Kwik Trip station on my way to St. Cloud to find out if they have air, and find out that yes...all of their locations do. Thank you Kwik Trip...I filled back up and made it to work safely.


As I returned to my vehicle around 1pm yesterday afternoon, I began my commute home; not really thinking about my morning experience; but then as I was leaving the parking lot thought to myself; hmmm...I better check that tire before I leave town.


Sure enough..my tire was completely flat...like to the ground. Luckily, I hadn't left the parking lot. I immediately called my friend Brandon at Royal Tire over on Hwy 10 right behind our stations. I know they have their VIP service and will pick up vehicles when you want oil changes and such; but I DIDN'T know if he could just come help a girl in distress at the last minute.


But did he? Absolutely. Brandon showed up in our parking lot about 5 minutes after I called, and filled my tire enough to get to the shop.

Now you're going to think that I'm irresponsible with my tires; but I totally hadn't had any issues with my tires up until yesterday. I find out that I had a hole in my left front tire, and both front tires were breaking free from the rims! What?!?!!?  I'm in shock.

Needless to say...I'm SO thankful that Brandon and the crew at Royal Tire definitely gave me the royal tire treatment when I needed them. Brandon got me to the shop, and within an hour... I was on the road back home to Princeton with four new tires, and feeling safe again. It might not sound like such a big deal...but it definitely could have been... had Brandon and Royal Tire's crew not made it so painless.

Plus...now I have four new tires that have lifetime warranty..so if I get a flat again, they'll take care of it at NO charge. That's awesome. I know this sounds like an ad...but this is my story...and I'm sticking to it. I'm so thankful for the help. It could have been so much worse!

Thank you Brandon! You are my VIP Royal Tire Hero!!!!!

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