Sherri Ann Jarvis, born on March 9th of 1966, would have been the same age as me today. The Walker County Sheriff's Office announced yesterday that Sherri was removed from her home when she was just 13 years old because she was "Habitually Truant". Sherri never came back home after she was in custody with The State of Minnesota.

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A body was found on November 1st in1980 along Interstate 45 in Huntsville, Texas.  The girl was not identifiable at the time, but it had been determined through DNA testing back in March of this year, that this was indeed Sherri Ann, and that she had been raped and strangled.

Who Was Walker County Jane Doe? (Facebook Page)
Who Was Walker County Jane Doe? (Facebook Page)


The Sheriff's office said that Detective Thomas Bean, had been assigned to the case since 2015, and in July of 2020, other Investigators had sent samples to a lab for forensic DNA testing. Six people were determined that they were related to Sherri, either as direct relatives, or Aunts and Uncles, in March of 2021.

Sherri Ann Jarvis was buried in Walker County in a grave marked only "unknown white female." at the time of the terrible discovery.

Her family had hired a private investigator trying to find their daughter, but nothing ever came of it. Sherri had sent her family a letter saying that she would come back home, but officials said that she ended up running away from the agency that had her in custody when she was 14.


No one knows how she ended up in Texas after being in the State of Minnesota's custody because the official records from Minnesota no longer exist, but it is believed that Sherri arrived in Huntsville, Texas by herself on Halloween, October 31st of 1980. People in the area said they saw her and spoke with her, and that she was seen at the Hitching Post truck stop on Highway 75 in Huntsville. They said she wanted to know how to get to the TDC Ellis Unit Work Farm, which was a prison located about 15 miles from where they spoke to her.

Sherri didn't make it to the prison, and no one at the prison admitted to knowing her. Her body was found by a truck driver who saw a body on the shoulder of the highway.

The family says that her parents died without ever knowing what happened to their daughter, and thanked people who donated a headstone for her grave, and to those people who visited her burial site over the past 40 years.

The person who did this to Sherri Ann has never been found.


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