Last summer a woman from Minnesota made an appearance as a contestant on Jeopardy!  Anji Nyquist is a social media coordinator from Minneapolis.  She caused a stir the first time she was on the show when she revealed the name of her cat.

Her cat's name is Naz Reid, yes - as in the Timberwolves player.

When Anji was on the show this past summer she had a huge comeback win.  On the July 5th episode.  She had $4,800 but another player, Aubrey, had over $10,000.  So when it came to the Final Jeopardy question, Anji bet nearly all of it.  She bet $4,000.  Aubrey bet $2,601.  Anji's answer was correct which moved her to $8,800.  Aubrey was incorrect.  That made Anji the winner by $201. Now she's back!

I can finally spill the tea about why I was actually in LA! Your girl was lucky enough to be invited back for a play-in game and a chance at a spot in the @Jeopardy Second Chance tournament! No spoilers tho! My game airs tomorrow on the TuneIn app at 8 p.m. ET!

These Wild Card Play-In games feature 9 players vying for one of three spots in Champions Wildcard.  That Champions Wildcard will decide who gets to play in the Tournament of Champions.  These play-in games are the first official Jeopardy! episodes to be presented exclusively in audio format on Tune-In.  You can still enjoy Anji's episode on TuneIn.

No word yet on if Naz Reid is cheering Anji on.

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