I can't believe it's been 28 years since Fargo was released to movie theaters nationwide. It introduced the rest of the world to what they now think is Minnesota, Oh don'tcha know! A Minnesota County Commissioner from the metro area posted to social media the other day a building from the movie I kinda forgot about, but it's still standing and in business 28 years later. Remember the 'Blue Ox'?

The 'Blue Ox' was a fictional motel in the movie, in which incorrectly is described as being off I-35 near Brainerd. Which is impossible, but that is the magic of Hollywood....From the Fargo Wiki Forum page

In the film, Marge inaccurately states that the Blue Ox is located outside of Brainerd off I-35. In reality, I-35 runs north and south between Duluth and Minneapolis, about 80 miles east of Brainerd. The Blue Ox is a fictional motel. It was filmed at Stockman's Truck Stop in South Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Well the 'Blue Ox' as it was known in the movie is still standing today, and it seems the community is still proud of the role it played in the 1996 hit movie.

28 YEARS AGO. The movie Fargo featured the Blue Ox, which is actually Stockman’s truck stop in South St. Paul.

Not far from the historic Armour Gates, Stockman's is one of the few filming locations that remain from the Academy Award nominee for Best Picture.

If you were thinking of visiting the filming location, the truck stop has a 4-star rating on Yelp.com

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