Sometimes, you have to see to believe. If you think about how long it took for us to really understand the damage that was being done by smoking; Vaping really hasn't been around long enough for us to see what it can do to us.

This video shows you just what's happening; and if you realize that this could lead to serious complications and death, you just might change your mind about doing it; better yet, it might be something that you want to share with your kids who still believe it's okay to vape.

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The Center for Disease Control says it is likely that it's chemical exposure is what's causing damage to people's lungs, but at this stage the exact compounds and cartridges are causing the most damage.

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Dr. Leslie's recent video on vaping, shows a normal chest X-ray compared to a vaper's  X-ray, who has suffered a serious disease linked to vaping.

The X-ray showed a large amount of white clouding in the lungs, which Dr. Leslie notes could be associated with inflammation, fluid in the lungs, infection, bleeding or a combination of those things.

She says: "That is a pretty gnarly chest X-ray and I would not want to have that disease. If you're thinking about quitting now is the time to do it."

Many people have reached out to Dr. Leslie since she posted her video to say they've quit vaping.  Maybe you will change your mind once you watch it. With more than 500 people coming down with a mysterious illness caused by vaping, and 8 people dead; it might seem like a small number; but YOU could be one of those people.

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