Every state has the things they are known for. State mottos, birds, trees, muffins (our's is blueberry). Leave it to the good folks over at Barstool to determine what every state's signature shoe would be.

Minnesota's was deemed the Red Wing Classic Moc,

MINNESOTA: Red Wing Classic Moc. This is another case of people from Minnesota taking care of their own. Red Wing is a Minnesota company and in a miserably cold place littered with Canadian quarters, this work boot is one of the few things to live for.

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They're mostly right, except I always find Canadian pennies in my pocket change, not quarters.

Red Wings are nothing to be ashamed of. They're hard working boots for hard working people. Every man I know owns at least one pair of Red Wings as their work shoes. Heck, my brother-in-law wears his to the lake in the summer. They are practical and get the job done, just like any good Minnesotan.

Just be glad we aren't some of the other states. Some people got the real short end of the stick.

  • Arizona: Dirty Vans
  • Kentucky: Barefoot
  • Mississippi: Grass cutting shoes
  • Nevada: Athletic Works Two Strap Velcro
  • Washington: Hiking sandals w/ socks

See, Red Wings are on the classy side of this list. Cont your blessings and then lace up your work boots and get back to it. There's work to do somewhere.

See the full list of state shoes on Barstool's website.

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