A Minnesota landmark is getting a refresh. The Spoonbridge and Cherry sculpture in the Sculpture Garden at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis will soon have the cherry removed and shipped out to New York.

Over the weekend, I was down in Minneapolis for the first time since the pandemic started and as we were about to go into the Lowry Tunnel, I looked over and noticed how rough the cherry was looking. Instead of the vibrant red I remembered from my previous visits, it was more of a rusty and dull brown. A far cry from its original shade.

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According to Fox 9 News, the cherry will be unbolted from the spoon on Tuesday monring:

From there, the 1,200-pound ball of aluminum will be taken to New York for a fresh coat of paint. Due to the harsh Minnesota winter, the art center says the cherry needs a re-painting about once every ten years to keep it "red crisp and glossy."

The cherry is the opposite of all its usual descriptors at the moment, so it's good that it is going cross-country for this refresh. The last time the sculpture was removed was in 2009, so it is a couple of years overdue. The project is expected to be finished, and the cherry replaced, by mid-January 2022.

The Spoonbridge and Cherry sculpture has been on display in Minneapolis since 1988. It was designed by married couple Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen, and was funded by a $500,000 donation from art collector Frederick R. Weisman.

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