Each year, Forbes puts together a list of the world's most wealthy billionaires.

Every billionaire has his or her own story. Some are created by generation, inheriting theirs through family fortune or corporation. Others, like Mark Zuckerburg, make their billions through technology boom. Still others are made overnight, like MacKenzie Bezos, the former wife of the richest man in the world Jeff Bezos, who will receive 4% of Amazon or roughly $35 billion following their split.

Besides sharing the overall results of their findings, Forbes also reveals the leading billionaire (or centimillionaires in states with no billionaires) in each state. For the second year in a row, Minnesota's wealthiest billionaire -- according to Forbes -- is 79-year old Glen Taylor with a net worth of $2.9 billion. According to Paul Feinstein, Taylor is a self-made billionaire who made his money in printing:

Glen Taylor is a self-made billionaire who turned a small wedding business into a printing empire with billions of dollars in sales. Born and raised in Minnesota, Taylor is also the owner of the NBA's Minnesota Timberwolves and The Minneapolis Star Tribune, the state's largest newspaper. Taylor is also active in charity and has donated generously to Minnesota State University.

Taylor's assets, Forbes confirms, include the Minnesota Timberwolves, Minnesota Star Tribune and farmland. For all his wealth, Taylor only ranks No. 712 on Forbes' list of billionaires. According to Forbes, the five wealthiest billionaires in America are:

1. Jeff Bezos             $113 billion        Amazon
2. Bill Gates               $98 billion         Microsoft
3. Warren Buffet        $67.5 billion      Berkshire Hathaway
4. Larry Ellison          $59 billion          Software
5. Mark Zuckerburg   $54.7 billion      Facebook

According to Forbes, there were 2,095 billionaires around the world in 2020. See Forbes' full list  here.

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