Pumpkins are everywhere you go these days because, you know, fall and stuff. Chances are you might be hitting up a pumpkin patch or your local general store to scoop up one of these fall staples.

Have you ever wondered just how big pumpkins can get? They vary in size from extremely small to jaw-droppingly huge.

I wanted to know how large the biggest pumpkin on record for Minnesota is. And, the results I found were shocking.

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Did you know that the largest pumpkin on record for Minnesota, according to The Growler, was grown in Otsego by a man named Chris Qualley in 2016? Chris's record breaking pumpkin weighed 1,918.5 pounds. My pumpkin at home weighs maybe 10 pounds max...maybe.

Chris's pumpkin was so huge that there's actual video footage of him standing on top of it.

According to Fox 9, it took Chris  20 hours of work each week to make this pumpkin grow to be the giant it is...that, and about 100 gallons of water per day...yikes. That's a lot. It's the largest pumpkin on record to have ever been grown on Minnesota soil.

So, if you thought you had a huge pumpkin this year, Chris's pumpkin would eat yours for breakfast! I can't even imagine how long it would take to carve that thing...imagine the giant pumpkin pie this could make...now, that's a record we should get behind setting!

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