The team from Thrillist traveled the country, eating their way across all fifty states searching for the 'grossest food' in each state that its residents actually love. When I saw what they had listed for Minnesota, I gotta admit -- I'd never heard of it.

Minnesota: The Pickle Dog

Minnesota State Fair
Minnesota State Fair

Pickle Dog? Although I'd never heard of it, it does sound pretty damn good -- and I guess it's pretty popular at the State Fair. (I need to get out more.)

It's a pickle and sauerkraut, drenched in Thousand Island dressing, wrapped in a slice of roast beef or pastrami.

As for our neighbors, the grossest foods they apparently love are:

  • Wisconsin: Butter Burger (It's a burger cooked in, and covered in butter. How can that be bad?)
  • Iowa: Loose Meat Sandwich (Seriously? Who's having lunch with me at Maid Rite? Love that stuff.)
  • North Dakota: Lutefisk (Before I'm too hard on North Dakota for this one, I have to admit I've never tried it.)
  • South Dakota: Chislic (Never heard of it, but how can this be gross? Assorted types of meat cubes -- seasoned and deep fried.)

You can see the full state-by-state list HERE.

Bon Appetit.

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